Auckland HypnoBirthing classes are held at Birthcare, Parnell and your birthing companion is welcome and encouraged to come along with you, your booking is for two people. 

Classes are interactive and practical. You are encouraged to ask questions so that you leave feeling confident about continuing your practice at home. 

The best time to come along is between 20 – 36 weeks.

You will learn: 

  • How your body works during birth and why you don’t need to be scared of it.
  • Breathing techniques to work with the physiology of your birthing body.
  • Relaxation practices for you and your birthing companion.
  • Visualisation techniques that will set you up for success, regardless of how your baby enters the world.
  • How to stay in control and empowered through your birth and get your medical support people on board with your birthing wishes.
  • Tools to ease your transition into the 4th trimester and enjoy the precious moments as new parents.

With your Auckland HypnoBirthing course, you will receive:

  Downloadable audio tracks for fear release and relaxation

  A workbook to guide your practice

  Live tuition and free ongoing email or phone support with Claire

  Access to a private online community for Auckland HypnoBirthing Alumni

  Free access to the online Baby Sleep course with Claire


Both Dan and I enjoyed your course so much, it was so empowering and really disarmed many of the fears that are natural I think for your first birthing experience.

Having been through the experience now I can clearly see how these fears could have resulted in a completely different experience and taken us down a far less enjoyable road.