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Auckland HypnoBirthing classes are held at Birthcare, Parnell.

Your birthing companion is welcome and encouraged to come along with you, your booking is for two people.

Classes are interactive and practical. You are encouraged to ask questions so that you leave feeling confident about continuing your practice at home.

The best time to come along is between 20 – 36 weeks.

Sara, First time Mum

“Before I came to your classes I was adamant that I would birth at the hospital and take every precaution possible to have a ‘safe birth’. I was also convinced I would accept all intervention, so as not to make things harder. Now I am feeling completely faithful that it is something my body and my baby can do perfectly on their own. I’ve chosen to birth somewhere more comfortable, am completely without fear and completely filled with confidence.. Thank you for giving me exactly what I needed to start my parenting journey so beautifully.”

Vicky Mason, First time Mum

On Feb 12 2011, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Sadie. As a first time mother hypnobirthing helped me relax about the birth and embrace it as the positive experience that it was. I found the breathing techniques really helped me, my support people couldn’t believe how calm I was and able to manage the surges. Claire was a fantastic teacher, very encouraging and supportive, which really helped with my confidence. I feel that every expectant mother can gain something positive from learning these techniques. Thank you so much Claire for all your help!”

Olivia, First time Mum

“I just wanted to send you a wee message to say a big thank you for the HypnoBirthing classes which Shaun and I attended with you. I felt at ease and confident about my babies birth before I begun the classes but working with you and practising many of the things we have learnt about has taken that ease and confidence to a whole new level! I just feel so relaxed about the birth and most importantly, confident in my bodies ability to birth our baby naturally. We are both so very excited and I really can’t wait for the day to come!!”

Tari Stowers, First time Mum

“Since your course I feel more excited about giving birth and meeting my son. It’s a complete change in outlook and it put a positive spin on everything birth related. The class was very informative with regards to what is actually happening to the body during birth. I enjoyed the strategies to support your baby and your body to work together through the process of pregnancy and birthing. Also seeing everything in a positive light. You reaffirmed my beliefs about the birthing process being natural and as a result I feel empowered and more confident and trust my baby and my body.”

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