Qi Acupuncture

Qi-LogoThe experience of Hypnobirthing is a wonderful support to receiving relaxing acupuncture treatment through your amazing process of pregnancy.

Acupuncture is recognised as a safe drug free solution to many health imbalances experienced during this special time of transition, such as preventing miscarriage,  morning sickness, digestive discomfort, emotional imbalances, sore throats, relieving cold symptoms, pelvic and sciatic pain. Midwifes have observed it to promote a more efficient labor by treatment to ripen the cervix, gently induce labor and can help turn breech or posterior babies.  

Practitioners at Qi Acupuncture stay with you through the treatment allowing you to experience a very deep sense of relaxation comfort and connection with your baby, we welcome partners to be in the space at the same time and offer lifestyle advice to further enhance your pregnancy journey.

Qi Acupuncture is a beautiful relaxing space centrally located in Herne Bay / Westmere at 100 West End Rd with easy access to roadside parking. 

NZRA (BHSc Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine) registered and experienced practitioners of pregnancy care at Qi Acupuncture are:

  • Ingrid Hauge
  • Jo Richmond
  • Angie Gervan 
Visit www.qia.co.nz for more details on treatment options and please contact us with any questions and to chat about treatment options supportive to you at this time.