HypnoBirthing Refresher Session

Hypnobirthing refresher course

If you are here because you're pregnant again (congratulations!)

A Refresher Session is perfect if you are wanting to get back into practicing calm hypnobirthing techniques again, to feel well prepared for the arrival of your next bundle of joy.

During a session we can:

  • Review what worked well for you last time and what you feel like you would like a little extra practice with this time.
  • Go through the key breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • Release any anxiety or fears.
  • Create a schedule for practice that will work into your family life.

A private HypnoBirthing refresher session will help you get ‘back into the zone’ and you will walk away feeling more focused and empowered about birthing this time around.

Usually an hour session is all that is needed and most parents are very surprised at how quickly it all comes back to them.

A great time to do this session is anytime between 25 to 32 weeks and the cost is $120. In person sessions are held at Birthcare, Parnell on Saturday afternoons, or if you don’t live in Auckland, we can do it via Zoom video conferencing.

Please note that Hypnobirthing classes are a prerequisite for this session. If possible it will be great to have your birth partner attend the session with you. Please get in touch to book a session.