Online Antenatal Classes

You can go from feeling anxious to feeling calm and confident about birth, even if this is your first baby.

You can go from feeling anxious to feeling calm and confident about birth, even if this is your first baby.

The Calm Hypnobirthing
Online Course

The Calm Hypnobirthing Course

Get immediate access to Auckland Hypnobirthing’s practical online antenatal classes that will help you feel calm and confident about birth.

What you'll learn...

  • What to expect at the different stages of birth which will help you understand your body and not be afraid of it.
  • Specific hypnobirthing techniques for breathing and relaxation so that you can be calm and enjoy the birth.
  • Strategies and tools to reduce stress, anxiety and shake off the negative birth stories you’ve heard.
  • How to create a birth plan to clearly communicate your birthing wishes with your medical team so that you can be empowered and keep the birth in your own hands.
  • Natural ways to approach pain management and reduce the need for medical intervention.
  • How to go with the birth and not fight against your body so that birth is easier for you and more gentle for your baby.
  • How to stay empowered and still have a great birth, even if things don’t go to plan.
  • Affirmations that will help you have a strong mindset and stay focused on a positive birth experience.

    Here's what you get...

    Lifetime access to the full course in video and audio format. Begin immediately.

    • The complete system that will give you all the tools you need to confidently prepare for a beautiful birth.
    • Includes 33 Video + Audio lessons, A 40 page workbook + Exclusive Guided Meditations & Practices.
    ($595 Value)

    The Baby Sleep Toolbox online workshop.

    ($295 Value)

    Exclusive Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes.

    ($295 Value)

    Ongoing email and phone support from Claire.

    ($495 Value)

    Learn on the go via the mobile app.

    Total Value = $1680

    This course sells for $397


    "We highly recommend Claire's remote hypnobirthing classes to help build a positive mindset and learn crucial breathing skills for birth."
    Julia & Steve, first time parents
    "I would absolutely say do these online birthing classes. I feel fear-free going into my birth experience now that I have done this course.”
    Georgia, first time Mum

    Confidence Guarantee


    The Double Your Calm & Confidence Guarantee helps you to reap the full benefits of your investment! 

    If after completing the full course and practicing the techniques, you haven't doubled your  calm & confidence about birth, you can contact me and I (Claire Yee) will personally work with you, until you do. 

    If after those steps, you still don't feel more calm and confident, you can receive a full refund. 

    All I ask is that you show up to do the course and take action. 

    I aim to make this one of the best investments you will make in your parenting journey.

    FAQs About The Calm Hypnobirthing Course

    What parents have asked before joining The Calm Hypnobirthing Course...

    "My partner and I were sceptical about what hypnobirthing online classes actually entailed, but that was before we did our research and discovered how practical and sensical the whole approach is. We learnt some great skills to empower us in the birthing process and it really made my partner aware of his important part in the process. I feel so much more confident now."
    Hannah- First time mum
    "We chose to do the birthing classes online through Auckland Hypnobirthing because we live out of town and it was also difficult to coordinate a weekend that suited us both. The course helped us to feel really prepared and I was so relaxed during our birth that I was almost falling asleep! Highly recommend the online course to expecting parents."
    Christie & Samuel - First time parents
    "The hypnobirthing online classes are a great way to prepare for birth and parenting. I entered the class feeling fearful and I left feeling excited and empowered. Claire is such a calm and knowledgeable instructor, she really took the time to ensure we were all equipped with the tools we need to have a positive birthing experience.