Online Hypnobirthing Course

You can go from feeling anxious to feeling calm and confident about birth, even if this is your first baby.

You can go from feeling anxious to feeling calm and confident about birth, even if this is your first baby.

Does this sound familiar…

You love being pregnant and are so excited to meet your baby, but some days it feels like a total rollercoaster. You're likely juggling work, with waves of nausea, lack of sleep and a good dose of  anxiety and worry about all the things that could go wrong. 

Some days you might be totally freaking out about giving birth and other days you can control your nerves by telling yourself that it will all be fine. 

It’s totally normal to feel worried and  apprehensive! Especially when, almost everyone you talk to loves to share horror birth stories with you and all the births you’ve seen in movies are grueling. 

But it doesn't need to be this way, there is a lot that you can do in your pregnancy and leading up to the birth to have a positive experience.

Imagine if you...

  • Know what to expect and you fully trust your body.
  • Could feel calm and excited about giving birth because you have a strong and positive mindset.
  • Have a set of go to techniques that you can practice to help you feel prepared for birth.
  • Feel confident and in control to make the right decisions for yourself and your baby.
  • Know how you can still have a positive birth, even if things don't go to plan.
  • Felt totally supported by your partner because he knows what to do, to help you stay calm and in the zone.
  • Could actually enjoy giving birth and feel energised when you meet your baby for the first time.

This can absolutely be a reality for you!

I’ve been teaching hypnobirthing since 2010 and over that time I’ve noticed that there are four little known secrets to women being able to birth with calm and confidence. They are as follows...


Understanding how your body is made to birth so that you can confidently work with it.


Being able to identify and release birth anxiety and fear allowing you to enjoy the birth.


Practicing key hypnobirthing techniques that allow you to be calm, reducing the need for medication.


Being well supported and encouraged by your birth partner and empowered with your midwife.

If you are ready to prepare for a beautiful birth,
I’d like to invite you to join me inside of...

The Calm Hypnobirthing
Online Course

The Calm Hypnobirthing Course

Get immediate access to Auckland Hypnobirthing’s practical online antenatal classes that will help you feel calm and confident about birth.

What you'll learn...

  • What to expect at the different stages of birth which will help you understand your body and not be afraid of it.

  • Specific hypnobirthing techniques for breathing and relaxation so that you can be calm and enjoy the birth.

  • Strategies and tools to reduce stress, anxiety and shake off the negative birth stories you’ve heard.

  • How to create a birth plan to clearly communicate your birthing wishes with your medical team so that you can be empowered and keep the birth in your own hands.

  • Natural ways to approach pain management and reduce the need for medical intervention.

  • How to go with the birth and not fight against your body so that birth is easier for you and more gentle for your baby.

  • How to stay empowered and still have a great birth, even if things don’t go to plan.

  • Affirmations that will help you have a strong mindset and stay focused on a positive birth experience.

    I did the online course and I felt very calm and at ease throughout my birth. It totally didn't go to plan but whenever a stressful situation came up I just remembered Claire's meditations and felt fine. Apparently I looked fairly calm!

    Holly Megan, first time mum

    The CALM Hypnobirthing Course Framework

    CLEAR away anxiety by learning how to work in harmony with your birthing body.

    ALIGN your body and mind to make birth easier and more gentle.

    LEVERAGE the support of your birth team for confidence and empowerment.

    MAGNIFY your positive mindset to be prepared for a beautiful birth.

    LAYER 1

    CLEAR away anxiety

    We begin with the foundational understanding of how your birthing muscles are perfectly designed to work in harmony to open and birth your baby. This knowledge will help to ease apprehension and have you feeling more confident that you’ll be able to work with your body effectively.

    With this foundational piece you will learn a simple, effective way of releasing any debilitating fears of not being able to do it. Since fear in the mind leads to pain in the body during birth, this step is essential for birthing your baby comfortably and gently.


    You'll learn...

    ↠  The core principles of natural birth that will help you to have a positive outlook.

    ↠  About the natural design of your feminine body and how it is made to birth your baby more comfortably than you might ever have thought possible. 

    ↠  What to expect at the different stages of birth which will help you understand your body and not be afraid of it.

    ↠  The effect of birthing hormones and how you can get the right ones flowing through your body so that you can enjoy the birth.

    ↠  An easy to apply, powerful technique for releasing fear and anxiety within minutes. This is the best tool in your birthing toolbox that will help you to stay calm and reduce pain without medication. It’s also perfect for parenting.

    ↠  BONUS: The Fear Release Meditation - all you need to do is press play and relax. This guided track will work with your subconscious mind to help you release nervousness and apprehension.

    LAYER 2

    ALIGN your body

    When you understand how your body works and you are no longer afraid of it, you’ll be ready to integrate mindful hypnobirthing techniques especially designed to support your birthing body.


    You'll learn how to...

    ↠ Achieve full body relaxation quickly and easily so that you can be in the optimal state of calm relaxation for birth.

    ↠  Mindfully breathe with your body so that you can work with it (not fight against it) which will reduce the length of your birth and help you to birth your baby more gently. There are three specific breathing techniques that support different stages of birth.

    ↠  Use self relaxation techniques to take away apprehension about the unknown. You will feel more confident that you’ve got what it takes to relax into birth, regardless of when it happens, where you are or who is with you. This is a great tool for getting better sleep during pregnancy too!

    ↠  Speed up the length of your labour by allowing every contraction to be as effective and productive as possible.

    ↠  Relax quickly and deeply, even if you are prone to having a busy mind that usually distracts you from relaxing.

    ↠  BONUS: Relaxation Meditation that will help you to strengthen and deepen your practice. This is a great one to listen to on the day of your baby’s birth to stay in the ultimate relaxed birthing zone.

    LAYER 3

    LEVERAGE support

    Once you are equipped with a practical framework for having an easier birth, you can engage the help of your birth partner and your medical support team. 


    ↠  Learn in their role as your main support person to help you have a smooth, safe and positive birth.

    ↠  Know how to get you back into the zone with breathing and relaxation techniques.

    ↠  Discover what to do and how to be involved in the birth, instead of just standing off to the sidelines feeling helpless. There is a handy two page cheat sheet especially for them with what to do.

    ↠  Learn specific relaxation and massage techniques that will support you to be more relaxed in pregnancy and have a safer, easier birth.

    ↠  Get caught up to speed and know how to be a part of the experience, without having to read all the pregnancy books that you’ve read, or have you pass on the information.

    Together you will...

    ↠  Learn how to create a simple Birth Plan and use the template that is provided to clearly communicate your birthing wishes with your medical team.

    ↠  Be informed and empowered at every step with the seven step questioning technique that will help you to make important decisions with confidence.

    LAYER 4

    MAGNIFY your positive mindset

    Now that you’ve got your support team onboard and you know exactly what to do to support your birthing body to bring your baby into the world more easily, it’s time to strengthen your mindset to set you up for a calm birth.


    You'll learn how to...

    ↠  Get clear on how you want to bring your baby into the world using journaling prompts to help spark your desires for birth.

    ↠  Select positive birthing affirmations from the provided list, or print it out and enjoy them all. There is also an affirmation audio track that you can listen to anytime to tune your mindset.

    ↠  Enhance the effectiveness of your affirmations by choosing from the list of visualisation enhancement exercises. You can also download a Birthing Mandala Colouring Book and let your creative expression flow.

    ↠  Learn how to encourage your baby into the optimal position for an easier birth.

    ↠  Increase your baby’s levels of 'happy hormones' through bonding practices.

    ↠  The Scheduling Template will help you to tie all of your practices together into a simple, easy to implement framework that will have you feeling prepared and confident leading up to your birthing day.

    ↠  BONUS: Birth Tips Checklist.

    "I would absolutely say do these online birthing classes. I feel fear-free going into my birth experience now that I have done this course.
    Georgia, first time Mum

    The Calm Hypnobirthing Course will provide you with all of the techniques you need, to confidently work with your birthing body, not against it, allowing you to have the most comfortable, calm positive birth experience possible.

    By the end of the course you will...

    • Trust your body and know how to work with it to have an easier, shorter birth.

    • Have a set of powerful techniques that will help you pinpoint and release any fear or anxiety so you can feel confident that you will be in the optimal calm headspace for birth.

    • Feel confident knowing exactly how to breath and relax at every stage of your birth to work with your body and your baby effectively.
    • Be supported and empowered by your birth partner and medical team, regardless of what turn your birthing might take.
    "We highly recommend Claire's remote hypnobirthing classes to help build a positive mindset and learn crucial breathing skills for birth.
    Julia & Steve, first time parents

    Here's what you get...

    Lifetime access to the full course in video and audio format. Begin immediately.

    • The complete system that will give you all the tools you need to confidently prepare for a beautiful birth.
    • Includes 33 Video + Audio lessons, A 40 page workbook + Exclusive Guided Meditations & Practices.
    ($595 Value)

    The Baby Sleep Toolbox online workshop.

    ($295 Value)

    Exclusive Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes.

    ($295 Value)

    Ongoing email and phone support from Claire.

    ($495 Value)

    Learn on the go via the mobile app.

    Total Value = $1680!

    Start right away and save 50%. Was $297
    BUY NOW FOR $149
    "The hypnobirthing online classes are a great way to prepare for birth and parenting. I entered the class feeling fearful and I left feeling excited and empowered. Claire is such a calm and knowledgeable instructor, she really took the time to ensure we were all equipped with the tools we need to have a positive birthing experience.
    Tara, first time mum

    Bonuses to Enhance Your Results

    When you have gone through The Calm Hypnobirthing Course, you will be feeling well equipped and much more confident about birth.

    But we don't finish there! You'll get access to these extra bonuses, not available with any other online childbirth education classes:

    ↠  Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
    Follow along in the comfort of your own living room as yoga teachers, from around the world guide you through yoga sequences to help you build strength and flexibility, while deepening your relaxation practice, in preparation for birth and parenting.

    Includes: Grounding Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Wind Down Flow, Yoga Nidra Practice & exercises for Diastasis Recti recovery.

    ↠  The Baby Sleep Course
    This 2 hour online video workshop teaches you the forgotten art of baby settling so that you and you baby can be well rested and enjoy all of the precious first moments even more.

    It will help you to reduce the stress and anxiety that often comes along with being a new parent, and leaving you more calm, confident and empowered in your new role.

    It comes with a guide book and sleep log to help you stay on track.

    ↠  Your Questions = Answered
    Even though this hypnobirthing training course is online, I’m 100% here for you. You can ask me anything, up to your birthing day for troubleshooting, clarity or support.

    ↠  Lifetime Access & Refresher Guide
    There is no rush to complete the course, you can work through this positive parenting program online, in your own time. You have lifetime access to all of the resources via the private membership area and a free mobile app! You can keep coming back to the lessons as many times as you need.

    It will also be there for you if you decide to add a little brother or sister to your family further down the track.

    If this isn't your first baby, you can begin with the refresher guide to identify what worked well (and what didn't) during your previous birth and build a clear plan of action for your next birth.

    “The Calm Hypnobirthing Course is a great choice for online antenatal classes”


    Your Competency Guarantee


    The Calm Hypnobirthing Course is a practical online antenatal class for New Zealand parents, that teaches you step by step how to release anxiety about giving birth and empowers you with the knowledge and tools for more comfortable birthing.

    When you enrol, you get instant, lifetime access to all of the online resources, which gives you everything you need to work with your birthing body for an easier birth.

    This course will only work if you put it into practice and I want you to have the best results possible.

    So here's the deal. After going through The Calm Hypnobirthing Course, if you have any questions at all, you can email me for personal support via phone or email at no extra cost.

    I'm here for you and with you, to get you feeling completely competent and calm about your birthing day.

    "I think this course should be compulsory for all parents! It was so useful to learn exactly what your body is doing throughout the birthing process and link it with visualisation and breathing techniques to encourage and support the natural process.
    Michelle, first time Mum

    Your Complete Library of Online Hypnobirthing Antenatal Classes!

    Lifetime access to the full course in video and audio format. Begin immediately.

    • The complete system that will give you all the tools you need to confidently prepare for a beautiful birth.
    • Includes 33 Video + Audio lessons, A 40 page workbook + Exclusive Guided Meditations & Practices.
    ($595 Value)

    The Baby Sleep Toolbox online workshop.

    ($295 Value)

    Exclusive Online Pregnancy Yoga Classes.

    ($295 Value)

    Ongoing email and phone support from Claire.

    ($495 Value)

    Learn on the go via the mobile app.

    Total Value = $1680!

    Start right away and save 50%. Was $297
    BUY NOW FOR $149

    About Claire Yee...

    I haven't always believed that birth can be calm and beautiful. In fact, when I first found out I was pregnant, I was so scared and I just wanted to book in for an elective c-section! 

    Things changed pretty rapidly while I was pregnant though. I trained as a Life Coach and I applied the mindset tools I was learning towards my fear of birthing and ended up having a natural birth with our daughter. 

    A year later I was pregnant again and after attending a hypnobirthing course I become a certified hypnobirthing coach. Our birth with Oli was amazing and I feel very honoured to pass the tools for easier birthing to other expecting parents through in person and online antenatal classes in New Zealand.

    I don’t have a high pain tolerance, or possess any superhuman abilities. I just learnt how my body works and how I could use specific mind / body  techniques to make birth easier and more gentle for myself and my babies. If I can do it, so can you.

    "We chose to do the birthing classes online through Auckland Hypnobirthing because we live out of town and it was also difficult to coordinate a weekend that suited us both. The course helped us to feel really prepared and I was so relaxed during our birth that I was almost falling asleep! Highly recommend the online course to expecting parents."
    Christie & Samuel - First time parents


    What parents have asked before joining The Calm Hypnobirthing Course...

    "My partner and I were sceptical about what hypnobirthing online classes actually entailed, but that was before we did our research and discovered how practical and sensical the whole approach is. We learnt some great skills to empower us in the birthing process and it really made my partner aware of his important part in the process. I feel so much more confident now."
    Hannah- First time mum

    How to book your online classes.

    Simply click the button below and get started right away.

    At this point you have two choices - you can choose to close this page, keep working with what you know already and hope for the best on your birthing day. Or take your childbirth classes online and overcome fear of the unknown by following this practical framework for birth preparation. 

    Imagine the moment you hold your baby in your arms for the first time and look into their eyes, how grateful you’ll be, that you made the decision to learn how to bring your baby into the world with calm and confidence.

    Are you ready to make your birthing a positive experience to remember?