If you’re ready to create a more calm, gentle birth, here's how The Calm Hypnobirthing Course can help you...

If you’re ready to create a more calm, gentle birth, here's how
The Calm Hypnobirthing Course
can help you...

What You’ll Learn

The CALM Hypnobirthing Course Framework

CLEAR away anxiety by learning how to work in harmony with your birthing body.

ALIGN your body and mind to make birth easier and more gentle.

LEVERAGE the support of your birth team for confidence and empowerment.

MAGNIFY your positive mindset to be prepared for a beautiful birth.


CLEAR away anxiety

We begin with the foundational understanding of how your birthing muscles are perfectly designed to work in harmony to open and birth your baby. This knowledge will help to ease apprehension and have you feeling more confident that you’ll be able to work with your body effectively.

With this foundational piece you will learn a simple, effective way of releasing any debilitating fears of not being able to do it. Since fear in the mind leads to pain in the body during birth, this step is essential for birthing your baby comfortably and gently.


You'll learn...

↠  The core principles of natural birth that will help you to have a positive outlook.

↠  About the natural design of your feminine body and how it is made to birth your baby more comfortably than you might ever have thought possible. 

↠  What to expect at the different stages of birth which will help you understand your body and not be afraid of it.

↠  The effect of birthing hormones and how you can get the right ones flowing through your body so that you can enjoy the birth.

↠  An easy to apply, powerful technique for releasing fear and anxiety within minutes. This is the best tool in your birthing toolbox that will help you to stay calm and reduce pain without medication. It’s also perfect for parenting.

↠  Plus you get: Guided Fear Release Meditations - all you need to do is press play and relax. This guided track will work with your subconscious mind to help you release nervousness and apprehension.


ALIGN your body

When you understand how your body works and you are no longer afraid of it, you’ll be ready to integrate mindful hypnobirthing techniques especially designed to support your birthing body.


You'll learn how to...

↠ Achieve full body relaxation quickly and easily so that you can be in the optimal state of calm relaxation for birth.

↠  Mindfully breathe with your body so that you can work with it (not fight against it) which will reduce the length of your birth and help you to birth your baby more gently. There are three specific breathing techniques that support different stages of birth.

↠  Use self relaxation techniques to take away apprehension about the unknown. You will feel more confident that you’ve got what it takes to relax into birth, regardless of when it happens, where you are or who is with you. This is a great tool for getting better sleep during pregnancy too!

↠  Speed up the length of your labour by allowing every contraction to be as effective and productive as possible.

↠  Relax quickly and deeply, even if you are prone to having a busy mind that usually distracts you from relaxing.

↠  BONUS: Relaxation Meditation that will help you to strengthen and deepen your practice. This is a great one to listen to on the day of your baby’s birth to stay in the ultimate relaxed birthing zone.


LEVERAGE support

Once you are equipped with a practical framework for having an easier birth, you can engage the help of your birth partner and your medical support team. 


↠  Learn in their role as your main support person to help you have a smooth, safe and positive birth.

↠  Know how to get you back into the zone with breathing and relaxation techniques.

↠  Discover what to do and how to be involved in the birth, instead of just standing off to the sidelines feeling helpless. There is a handy two page cheat sheet especially for them with what to do.

↠  Learn specific relaxation and massage techniques that will support you to be more relaxed in pregnancy and have a safer, easier birth.

↠  Get caught up to speed and know how to be a part of the experience, without having to read all the pregnancy books that you’ve read, or have you pass on the information.

Together you will...

↠  Learn how to create a simple Birth Plan and use the template that is provided to clearly communicate your birthing wishes with your medical team.

↠  Be informed and empowered at every step with the seven step questioning technique that will help you to make important decisions with confidence.


MAGNIFY your positive mindset

Now that you’ve got your support team onboard and you know exactly what to do to support your birthing body to bring your baby into the world more easily, it’s time to strengthen your mindset to set you up for a calm birth.


You'll learn how to...

↠  Get clear on how you want to bring your baby into the world using journaling prompts to help spark your desires for birth.

↠  Select positive birthing affirmations from the provided list, or print it out and enjoy them all. There is also an affirmation audio track that you can listen to anytime to tune your mindset.

↠  Enhance the effectiveness of your affirmations by choosing from the list of visualisation enhancement exercises. You can also download a Birthing Mandala Colouring Book and let your creative expression flow.

↠  Learn how to encourage your baby into the optimal position for an easier birth.

↠  Increase your baby’s levels of 'happy hormones' through bonding practices.

↠  The Scheduling Template will help you to tie all of your practices together into a simple, easy to implement framework that will have you feeling prepared and confident leading up to your birthing day.

↠  BONUS: Birth Tips Checklist.

Extras to Enhance Your Results

When you have gone through The Calm Hypnobirthing Course, you will be feeling well equipped and much more confident about birth.

But we don't finish there! You'll get access to the following bundle of digital resources to support you along your journey.

↠  Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
Follow along in the comfort of your own living room as yoga teachers, from around the world guide you through yoga sequences to help you build strength and flexibility in preparation for birth. Includes: Grounding Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Wind Down Flow, Yoga Nidra Practice & exercises for Diastasis Recti recovery.

↠  The Baby Sleep Course
Learn techniques for establishing positive, gentle sleep habits with your baby, without crying, bedtime battles or being awake all night bouncing them to sleep. This 2 hour online course will make you a more calm, confident parent. It comes with a guide book and sleep log to help you stay on track.

↠  Your Questions = Answered
I promise you won't be left wondering if you are getting something right. You can ask me questions any time.

↠  Lifetime Access & Refresher Guide
No hurry to get through everything in a limited time, you have lifetime access to all of the calm hypnobirthing resources via the private membership area and a free mobile app! You can refresh yourself with the content during this pregnancy as many times as you need.

It will also be there for you if you decide to add a little brother or sister to your family further down the track.

If you are coming to this program having given birth previously, you can begin with the refresher guide to identify what worked well (and what didn't) during your previous experience and build a strong focused plan forward into your next birth.


The Calm Hypnobirthing Course is perfect for you if… 
    1. This is your first baby and you want to be as prepared and confident for your first birth as you possibly can be. Or if you've birthed previously and want to experience more calm, ease and connection this time around.
    1. You are feeling nervous about birth, but you know that lots of women do it, so you are ready to learn techniques to overcome anxiety and create a beautiful birth experience.
    1. You know that your mind plays an important role in how your life unfolds and you want to make sure your mind and body are aligned for birth.
    1. You want your birth partner to learn practical techniques to effectively support you during your pregnancy and as you give birth.
    1. You are open to having medical support, but you want to be empowered through your birth and make your own decisions about what is best for you and your baby.
    2. You are feeling excited about learning calm hypnobirthing techniques to birth your baby in the most gentle, calm and safe way.
  1. You feel confident to give this course a go, knowing that you are fully supported to feel more confident and prepared for your birthing day.

If you said “yes” to at least 3 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you in The Calm Hypnobirthing Course.