Learn practical tools to...
release birth fears.
make birth easier & more gentle.
have an empowered birth.
bring your baby into the world with love.
be in control through pregnancy & birth.

“HypnoBirthing is a very positive, natural approach to calm birthing”  Michael Nonweiler, Second time Dad

Auckland HypnoBirthing provides a practical approach, to birth. Parents learn empowering techniques for achieving a satisfying, relaxing and stress free birth.

With a focus on releasing fear, and taking birth into their own hands, parents are able to rediscover birth as being a safe, normal and natural life event to be celebrated.

“How birthing should ‘really’ be.”  Oli, First time Dad

A Note from Claire.

I experienced the amazing benefits of HypnoBirthing first hand when I gave birth to my son Oliver.

This has driven my passion to help other women to believe in themselves and their natural ability to give birth safely and easily.

I absolutely love supporting parents through feeling anxious about the upcoming birth of their baby and into feelings of calm and excitement.

Claire Auckland Hypnobirthing

Watch my birth experience with Oliver...

“The birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love.”Grantly Dick-Read, Childbirth without Fear.

“I was a bit concerned before about how we would deal with the birth and also how involved and useful I would be.  

I now feel so much better and have seen a big change in both of our attitudes to birth and I know that I have an important part to play.  

HypnoBirthing has taught me a new way of understanding birth that is about relaxing, being natural and removing the pain / fear focus that we were all brought up to believe is inevitable.  

Your course created a great atmosphere of reassurance and support with excellent information.  I’m convinced that our birth will be much better for it.”

Greg- First time Dad. 

“We loved the re-framing of language and learning more about what the body is doing throughout the birthing process. It has made it feel ‘lighter’ and decreased the anxiety of the unknown.

We now feel we have tools and techniques to work with and lean on throughout the process.

As a couple we are now prepared as a team and both feel more confident in our roles. Your classes give essential information which is vital to empower all parents to be.

Thank you so much Claire for sharing your wisdom with us and providing us with tools and information to look at our upcoming birth with positivity and ease.”

Ali and Jay, First time parents.

“From experiencing two traumatic and fast births I was apprehensive and more than a little terrified of the arrival of our daughter. Your gentle and positive teaching / sharing of HypnoBirthing techniques has created a deep sense of calm through self awareness and feelings akin to euphoria in my anticipation of this birth.

My partner has embraced and supported this process and together we feel positive, prepared and excited about our daughter’s arrival.

HypnoBirthing has been a beautiful, birth affirming learning opportunity which I absolutely recommend as an essential support for Mums and birth partners. Thank you for sharing this incredible experience and for supporting our desire to give our baby the most natural and calm entry into this world.” Mary, Third time Mum.

“A calm, empowering way to prepare for the start of a family”  Rob MacDonald, First time Dad

"My body was opening easily and naturally. I felt confident, I felt safe, I felt secure.

Strong surges were met with beautiful birth breathing and the odd primal groan.

My husband received our son, and placed him on my chest... He stayed there for an hour."

- Rebecca, Second time Mum


“HypnoBirthing is a course that gives you tools to focus internally to understand what’s happening to your body during pregnancy and birth.

After coming along to your classes I’m now feeling calm and empowered about the choice to birth naturally.

We now have the tools to support the process by staying calm and allowing my body to do what it was designed to do”

Debbie – Second time Mum 

“Hypnobirthing is not as wacky as the name suggests!

It is about taking control of the birthing experience and visualising the birth that you want.  

Before the classes my perceptions of birth were all negative.  I had assumed that it would be a painful distressing experience.

Your classes have totally changed this view and made me realise that we can take control of the birth to make it a positive experience.”

Adam Sharman – First time Dad.

“Thanks for helping me see the light”  Tim Hutchens, First time Dad