HypnoBirthing is a comprehensive antenatal program, where parents learn practical and empowering techniques for achieving a satisfying, relaxing and stress free birth.

With a focus on releasing fear, parents are able to rediscover birth as being a safe, normal and natural life event to be celebrated.

In 2010 I experienced the power of the simple HypnoBirthing techniques when I gave birth to our second baby Oliver at Birthcare in Parnell.

This is his birth...

"My body was opening easily and naturally.I felt confident, I felt safe, I felt secure.

Strong surges were met with beautiful birth breathing and the odd primal groan.

My husband received our son, and placed him on my chest... He stayed there for an hour."

- Rebecca Stone
“We just had our bub, she arrived on Monday afternoon (I was 39 + 6) and birthed her at home in a birth pool in our lounge room with nothing but a natural experience.
It really is the most incredible thing to look back on. I lost my focus at times but Tobi was great at bringing me back to my breath.”
Amber, First time Mum
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