How do you mentally prepare for giving birth?

Did you notice that when you first began telling people you are pregnant that you joined the 'Birth Stories Club'?

Most of the time people dive into sharing their wisdom upon pregnant women, because they think it will help. But there is so much misinformation in the collective story of birth, that the stories shared often end up causing more confusion.

One of the ways the brain learns is through repetition. The more we hear something, the more we begin to believe it to be true.

Once a belief is formed, the brain will go about looking for more evidence to match & strengthen the belief. Beliefs then become experiences. So it is powerful work to decide what you want to experience for yourself and your baby in birth, eg: calm, connection, empowerment, safety, euphoria.

Then, begin to find lots of examples of other parents who have experienced those kinds of births and your brain will begin to form positive beliefs that beautiful birth is possible.

You'll find lots of beautiful stories here from parents who have come along to my workshops.