Baby Calm – Sleep Workshop

Many new parents are surprised by just how often their baby wakes up and how little sleep they end up getting.

Babies do need regular feeding and care, particularly in the fourth trimester and this is also when you can apply simple techniques to encourage positive sleep associations and set yourselves up for longer stretches of sleep.

Sleep deprivation clouds judgement, causes forgetfulness, confusion and depression. It slows reaction time and can lead to dangerous decisions and health concerns.

Getting good sleep enhances energy, leads to clear thinking and decision making, lets the body self heal and regulate, in turn strengthening immunity and boosting wellness. Studies have found that parents who get more restful sleep are far less likely to experience postpartum depression.


In this interactive 2 hour workshop you will learn about:

  • Baby’s sleep rhythms and needs – understand the science of sleep
  • Safe sleep – the important actions you can take to prevent SIDS
  • Establishing positive sleep associations so that the whole family can benefit from more sleep
  • Common myths around baby sleep
  • Tips and tricks to help your baby get to sleep easily and how to stretch their sleep – without crying it out
  • How to improve your own sleep so that you can enjoy this magical time with your baby
  • How to make the most of essential oils to aid sleep
  • Routines, when to start them and how to create them in a way that is natural and easy
  • How to feel empowered, confident and connected as a family


You will also receive helpful handouts that you can continue to refer back to and follow, as well as a sleep tracking resource to help you establish a wonderfully nurturing and positive sleep experience for your baby and yourself.



After my first baby was born I realised how little I knew about anything to do with parenting, it was a steep and often difficult learning experience.

Getting enough sleep was our biggest battle and I learnt why they use sleep deprivation as torture!

I read and read during the early years to try and find a method that suited our family and didn’t involve enduring long hours of crying.¬†

During this two hour workshop my goal is to shorten the learning curve for you and provide you with the most gentle, yet effective sleep techniques and understandings, so that you can relax into the fourth trimester and truly enjoy all of the precious moments with your baby.”



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