Your birthing colour

More and more we are becoming aware of the powerful effect colour has over our mental, emotional and physical state of being.

Just thinking of different colours can shift us in or out of certain states.  Choosing a birthing colour can be a powerful way of anchoring in the feelings and emotions you wish to experience on your birthing day and into your journey as a parent.

So how do you choose a colour that is right for you?

Following your initial instincts is the best way.  There is already a part of you that knows what this colour is.  It may be a colour that you already like, or it could be different.

Here is a process you may like to follow to find your birthing colour:

  1. Create some and space to settle and begin to think about your baby.
  2. Take deep and empowered breaths into your belly, flowing the breath to your baby.
  3. Visualise your birthing day unfolding in the most relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable way possible.
  4. Feel a colour emerge from the experience.  You may see it, hear the name of it or just get a feeling of what it is.
  5. Sit with that colour for a while.  Feel how it makes you feel in your body, then ask yourself the following questions:
    – Are those the feelings you would like to experience on your birthing day?
    – Are they positive and empowering feelings?
  6. If you answered yes to the above questions, its likely you have found your birthing colour.

If you didn’t gain awareness of your birthing colour from this practice, be kind to yourself, give yourself some space and time and then try it again.

If you noticed worry or tension arising from this practice, you may benefit from releasing fear about your birthing day before trying this again.

When you have your birthing colour, what can you do with it?

  • Get your belly painted using that colour as a base, take photos and display your favourite around your home.
  • Wear your birthing colour while you are pregnant and on your birthing day.
  • Create or purchase a piece of art in that colour for your baby’s room.
  • Paint stones in your colour and place them around the house as little reminders.
  • Go to a fabric store and purchase a big piece of material with a lovely texture and get creative.
  • Choose an item of baby clothing in that colour and place it in the baby’s cot.  Visualise your baby wearing the colour.

Most important is to take moments throughout your day to think of your colour and enjoy the positive feelings it creates in your body and mind.

My birthing colour was turquoise.  I love this colour for the feelings of tranquility and inner peace I feel when I see it.

Over to you..

What is your birthing colour and how do you intend to use it in the lead up to your birthing day?