How to simplify your life during pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you are in a constant state of change and transformation, not just physically, but mentally & emotionally too. 

Perhaps you are already finding that what used to be important in your life is already beginning to fade and make way for this new chapter of bringing your baby into the world. 

It is such a good feeling to let go of the unnecessary clutter in your home and in your mind. But it can be overwhelming at first. 

You absolutely don’t need to do it all at once. 

Begin by feeling into what is causing you the most stress at the moment. Is it physical clutter in your home? 

Or is it mental clutter, with so much to learn about pregnancy and having a baby (on top of keeping up with your job and regular life demands). 

Maybe it’s a mix of everything!

Take baby steps and recognise how good it feels to make progress.

It will give you motivation to take the next step.

If you want some ideas for where to start, I've created a list of the top 10 ways to simplify your life...

  1. Start by taking a deep breath.
    Unless you are a Queen of simplicity, it's likely you've got decades worth of clutter. You don't need to do all of the things in this list at once. Take it one step at a time, play your favourite tunes & make it fun. Also, make a point of stopping throughout your day to mindfully breathe. It will reduce stress, increase your happy hormones and give you and your baby a beautiful boost.

  2. Say ‘no’ more often.
    When you do, you are most often saying ‘yes’ to yourself and your baby instead. 

  3. Declutter your home.
    Start with one room at a time and work your way out from there. It can help to make a list of the things you want to get rid of, especially if you have some heavy items that you want help shifting. Sort your stuff into three piles: keep, donate & trash - then get them moving. 

  4. Make a to do list.
    This is particularly good if you are feeling overwhelmed. Making a list gets all of the things you need to do out of your head. I like to use my notes app on my phone and add to it whenever I think of things, or a notepad can be equally as satisfying.

  5. Take care of your money.
    Instead of spending everything that you earn, you'll feel a lot more in control of your spending, and begin to build a healthy savings, if you divvy your income up into seperate accounts. This is a great thing to get into the habit of doing each week. Set aside some for savings, some for lifestyle spending and some for paying your daily living expenses.

  6. Visualise your ideal day. When you align your mindset with what you want to accomplish and experience in your day, it gives you a boost of happy hormones and motivation, and also sets you up for more ease and success. It is great practice for mentally planning for your birth too.

  7. Carry a water bottle everywhere with you. Keeping well hydrated in pregnancy is super important to keep your energy levels up. Your uterine waters replenish themselves three times each day too, so you need lots of water while you are pregnant. Extra tip: invest in a food safe stainless steel, or glass bottle. The water tastes extra good and you'll avoid plastic chemicals leaking into your water.

  8. Plan your exercise. 
    Studies show that if you schedule something into your calendar, you are far more likely to do it, than if you don't schedule it. Take a few minutes to look at your weekly schedule and decide when in your week you are going to set aside the time to give yourself (and your baby) the gift of exercise. It doesn't have to be complex, simply going for morning or evening walks, integrated with yoga is a great place to start if you don't already have an exercise routine. For pregnancy yoga sequences, check out the bonuses that come along with The Calm Hypnobirthing Course.

  9. Detox from devices.
    Phones & laptops can be so addictive (I can speak from experience for sure). Have one device free day, or half day, each week where you turn the power off and do something that you enjoy. It might be a walk in nature or have fun getting your fingers messy by creating something out of air dry clay. This is a great opportunity to find the things you love to do, so that you can continue to weave them in your life after baby comes along too.
  10. Spend time with people you love. 
    Being around friends and people who uplift you is so good for your health and wellbeing. Make a point of catching up with the people who love you just the way you are, and who encourage you to go for your dreams, especially who are supportive of your birthing wishes.

        Well, there is a decent list to get you started? Choose one, get into action and you'll be rocking a calm mama glow in no time.