Abigail’s Birth

I am pleased to share our little girl Abigail was born on Tuesday 22nd Oct.

After starting the day with a lovely massage I lay down for a rest after picking up our son Ben from school and by 5pm I was sure baby was on its way. I had Ben take a final pregnancy photo then between surges put on, put out and folded washing from the day, and checked I was ready for the hospital.

I returned to bed and listened to relaxing music and rested. Michael joined me after putting Ben to bed, reminding me how to breath and supporting me in different positions. My waters released and my surges came very close together, it was time to go to the hospital.

We had a quick clear run to to hospital arriving around 11pm with a second release of waters in the lift on the way up to delivery suite. We were shown into our room and the midwife told me I was fully dilated and it was time to have our baby. Abigail was born at 11.36pm wide eyed and alert, we enjoined some lovely skin on skin time while the midwives caught up on the paper work.

Going into this birth I knew I wanted a natural drug free birth, to spend as little time in hospital as possible and feel I had some control in the direction the birth would take. I believe the hypnobirthing techniques we learnt helped to achieve this. The birth was completely different to the story I wrote but I think that is because my story was influenced by my past birth experience and I couldn't imagine it going as well and quickly as it did.