Jakobus’ Birth

Just wanted to let you know that our son arrived 7.21pm last Sat evening (3rd March) via a water birth as planned 🙂

Jakobus Johannes Smith (JJ) is just beautiful and he and I remained calm through the birthing process which was just amazing.

I was able to focus on breathing through the surges and (as hypnobirthing teaches us) my labour advanced quickly and smoothly as a result.

We stayed at home until I was around 7cm dilated and jumped into the pool for JJ to be born just over 1.5 hours later.

The water was great – it was so nice to feel weightless!

Thank you so much for sharing hypnobirthing with us – I have no doubt in my mind that Hypnobirthing enabled us to have the natural and relaxed birth that we were wanting.

I would totally recommend HypnoBirthing!”

Lara and Henk, First time Parents.