Melissa’s Hypnobirth

Just wanted to say thank you for your hypnobirthing course. I’m a first time Mum and I had such a wonderful birth at home with her born in the water. I woke up the night of my due date with a little cramp and went toilet to some of my waters breaking. I then went back to bed to rest it off as I knew it could be a while for things to get closer together.

By 3am I had my family arrive that I wanted there and my partner was there from the beginning. The birth pool was all set up ready to be filled. At around 3am was when I decided to fill the bath. I had been getting waves quite frequently and was on our deck just breathing through them and relaxing between.

The night was still and beautiful. Everyone was helping in anyway they could. But I was zoned. My partner filled the bath for me, put on your Calm Hypnobirthing playlist on Spotify, fairy lighting, and a crackling camp fire playing on the tv by the bath.

As soon as I entered the bath, it was such a relief. I was zoned from there on. I was just floating, eyes closed breathing, taking each wave as it came. Once I felt baby lower I said to call the midwife. She arrived when I was fully dialated. Told me I was good. Baby was good. I was so relaxed in between I let my body do the work and didn’t tense anything up.

With only a few minutes between each wave I fell asleep between quite a few waves, I was that relaxed. Once my body started pushing, my breathing got deeper, I had to humm my breath to breathe out. I listened to the affirmations for birth most days. This was playing in my head.

I never once had a thought that I couldn’t do it, or I wanted it to end. I had “my body and my baby know what to do” “each surge taking me closer to my baby” “I am calm and relaxed” all these were playing in my head, supported by my partner and the music. It was perfect.

I had to change position to help her move down further, because I was just floating on my back. I went on my knees at the end of the bath. That’s when the pushing baby out really started. I knew she was coming. I kept breathing, relaxed and drinking between waves.

Then she was born in the water at 9.11am. I didn’t tear or anything. The birthing was so relaxed and amazing I was just so happy she was here!

My partner couldn’t believe how relaxed I was during and my family (mum and sister) were so amazed at how beautiful it was. Baby is now 5 days old. She is so calm and patient. Everything is going so well.

I’m so happy I purchased the course! I started at around 20weeks pregnant or just before. I listened to things almost daily, breathing techniques practiced often (daily). It was just incredible, I don’t understand why people wouldn’t do this course!

Thank you very much Claire!


Melissa Trail