Ankita’s Birth

Thank you for all the valuable knowledge in your hypnobirthing class. I was able to use the techniques when I gave birth to our baby girl on 18 October 2023.

The breathing really helped me.

My labour started early in the morning of 18 October around 4am, by 9am at home I got an urge to push. Then my husband called the midwife and they agreed to meet directly at Middlemore.

I was so calm that I managed to catch some sleep on the way to hospital. I was also listening to your track on the way and some spiritual mantras that we traditally listen in our Indian culture.

When we reached hospital around 10am I was already 9cm dilated. This made me really excited as I knew I will soon be having our bundle of joy in my hands.

I started pushing around 11:30 and by midday my daughter was in our hands.

Overall it was an amazing experience. The hypnobirthing deep breathing is the key I must say!