Christopher’s Birth

Thought I might touch base and introduce you to Christopher David. He was born on Saturday, 26 October at 8:56am weighing in at 9lb9oz.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the lovely waterbirth we were after but the HypnoBirthing certainly helped us remain in control and certainly provided us with a happy, calm and collected little baby!

I was admitted on the Tuesday with full term preeclampsia, so four hourly observations and not a lot of sleep. I was therefore booked in for induction on the Thursday midday. By 5pm on the Thursday I was transferred to Women’s Assessment Unit to begin the induction, only to be told I should have a c-section. At this point we said no that this was a last resort not a first stop. So we kicked off with the first administering of the gel at 7pm, then again at 11pm. Everything was coming along nicely, then slowed down overnight. Another lot of gel was administered the next morning of which I spent the rest of the day pacing the corridors. I lost the plot by 3-4pm on the Friday, sat in the pool for an hour ish and at 5pm on Friday they assessed me to say I hadn’t started contracting but they could break my waters. After a couple of requests I was finally on the gas – I was overtired and sore. Waters were broken at 7pm, we went to delivery, watched the sun go down and come up. Only to find out that being 8-9cm dilated that the baby wasn’t moving (but under no distress) and we’d have to go to surgery. Christopher was then born at 8.56am, born at 41 wks. Once in recovery he latched straight away and has been feeding like a trooper since!

Christopher’s heart rate stayed the same from the day we were admitted through to the time he was delivered and we attribute this completely to HypnoBirthing.

I listened to our relaxing music, did rainbow and a fear release during the process and the breathing techniques were awesome. Now that he is out  he is a pretty chilled out baby. He is sleeping from 11.30-5/7am each night (and then going down for another three hours after that) so we are pretty happy with that – we believe this is because HypnoBirthing allowed him to be ‘grown’ in a stress free environment! For this we are very thankful!

This was nothing like our birth story – but we were completely in control of our story, we made the right decisions for Christopher and me and don’t have any regrets. I would not have felt in a position to do this with just the ante-natal class education. HypnoBirthing certainly provided us with fantastic foundation for the pregnancy and birthing processes.

Thank you very much for all your help and guidance along the way – we are totally in love with our little man and are loving parenthood!