Sabina’s Hypnobirth

I wanted to reach out and say a huge thank you for your hypnobirthing course. My husband Adam and I recently attended a course with you at the end of November.

I delivered our precious son in a completely natural birth, at Birthcare on 6 December.

The breathing techniques were such an incredible anchor for me during the labour and birth. In fact, I did the majority of the labour very peacefully at home, simply riding the surges with the breath, willing each wave with a tender embrace.

I arrived at Birthcare 8cm dilated and I was really surprised, as I thought it would have been so much more challenging to get to that stage.

Elio was born less than an hour later in the pool. The water was a wonderful natural pain relief and it was beautiful to have my husband in the water with me, ready and waiting to catch our little man.

Thank you for your guidance. It gave me confidence and the tools to really make this birth the calm and intimate experience that I had so wished for.

My birth experience was so empowering, there were moments when I cried with joy (before little one even arrived). Really wonderful 🙂