G’s Hypnobirth

We've had our little one and were very happy with our birthing experience, although it was unpredictable (aren't they all?).

I just wanted to share with you and future classes that, although we didn't have a painless, totally calm birth, the class was incredible helpful and I don't know how we could have birthed without it.

My waters broke on a Thursday morning but I didn't start having surges until Thursday night and not full labour until Friday afternoon. The hospital put a lot of pressure on us to try and induce and intervene earlier but the Hypnobirthing course gave us the confidence and knowledge to do our own research and make a decision that was right for us and our baby to wait and let her come in her time until it was medically necessary. Hypnobirthing skills were helpful during the day as contractions got strong to remember to relax and breathe through. I never felt like I quite got surge breathing down well so next time I'd practice that more.

We went into full labour by 7:30 pm that night and were in the birthing room by 8:00. My surges felt extricatingly painful in my back so I took some gas for the contractions and the midwife quickly discovered that unknown to us all, our baby was breech so the doctor came to confirm and they started prepping for c section. Fortunately by that point, I had breathed baby down far enough that it was too late for c section and after just 40 Min of breathing her down, she was born breech without any medication or other interventions other than episiotomy.

Hypnobirthing was so so helpful in building the connection between my husband and I - he knew what to say and kept me calm and encouraged and I felt like we truly did it together in our own way even though there were 10 other people in the room. I could focus just on him and he got me through it. The breathing down was also incredible and is what I think helped me push our baby out so effectively. In fact the midwife said she had never seen someone push so effectively and all of the staff was incredibly impressed we birthed a breech baby so quickly and without pain relief.

Just wanted to share a bit of our experience and thank you again for a fantastic course. It was so helpful for us!