Max’s Birth

Max's birthOn Sunday night I could feel it starting, but it was not until a couple of hours later that I got out of bed to actively breath the surges. I wasn’t able to let Xavier know when a surge started and when it ended and where I was at. So I sent him back to bed thinking it’s just the beginning and he’ll need the energy once I am fully there. I found a nice rhythm where I was able to breath during a surge and relax in between.

On Monday morning Xavier filled me a bath where I continued in a relaxed way, listening to the music we chose before. I got out of the bath as I thought the surges where getting less. I was so relaxed. While I was out, it got harder to resist the urge to press rather than only breath a surge.

We decided it was time to call the midwife and get ready to go to Birthcare. I had to press again and again on the exhalations. And then it happened while I was standing, breathing and pressing, our baby came and I caught him with my hands. Max was born Monday morning 10th of August at 9.18 am. We went back into the bath to keep warm and Max had his eyes fully open and managed to crawl from my belly towards the breast. We had plenty of time together – also for the first breast feeding. Through out the whole time I used the breathing techniques, but never got to the birth breathing as I didn’t get that I was already that far. 

I guess having to get into the car to go to Birthcare and having to get ‘out of the zone’ weren’t what I wanted. I didn’t want to call the midwife either as she said to call when the contractions come every minute over an hour and last around 30 to 45 seconds each. I never really reached that point. At least we couldn’t track it. 

When the midwife arrived an hour after birth, she said we did well and that we could just stay at home and relax. With my mum taking care of us and Xavier having the child on his chest under his t-shirt we did relax and enjoy the miracle. 

It was a great start for the three of us and that will be our moment for ever. 

A special thanks goes to you, Claire!

Lots of motherly love,

Karin with Xavier and Max