A’s Birth

We had our baby on Friday, 21 Jan and had an incredible birthing experience … so good I thought I was in pre-labour for most of it and he was almost a car park baby.

I woke up at 5:10am and felt a bit different but nothing uncomfortable, waters leaked at 6am and then I had steady cramping/pressure at home till 12:30, I used my breathing and affirmations and I spent an hour in the shower. We then went to hospital, I was euphoric in between contractions in the car, singing to the radio.

We got to the hospital at 1:08 and had him at 1:21. No pain relief, no intervention. My LMC said she has never seen someone so relaxed in between contractions with no fear of the next one. I was looking out at the view of Rangitoto thinking how lucky I was. He came out with 3 pushes/birth breaths.

Thank you for teaching us Hypnobirthing, now my husband thinks we should have have a million kids as it’s so easy!