Zoe’s Birth

We are really happy to welcome baby Zoe to our family. Zoe was born 10:09am Friday 10 January 2014, about 8 days after the original birth date.

To be honest we were a bit anxious when Zoe was close to a week late – during this time we used the hypnobirth techniques to relax, did lots of walking, had a few really fun dinner dates with delicious eggplant and curry dishes. The midwife did a sweep a few days before the birth and it did not seem to start anything. She found the sweep very difficult as she discovered Shanny’s cervix position is a bit too far back, she suggested the birth may be difficult and further induction measures may be needed.

In light of this we got in touch with Angela and enquired about pregnancy acupuncture (thanks a million!). She booked us in with her colleague at their beautiful clinic in Herne Bay. Later that night just after 3am the surges started, We were really excited.

The surge breathing technique really helped. We listened to more relaxation music and Shanny slowly walked around the house when she could. When the midwife came around she did not think Shanny will be ready for another 2 – 3 days, judging by her responses to each surge. Shanny asked the midwife to take a quick look anyway, and after she examined, she said Shanny was actually ready and will meet us at Auckland Hospital at 4.30pm.

The entire birthing experience went smoothly, we put relaxation music on the computers there, we both got into the hot tub (really helps to relax and ease the surges, and it was kinda fun) and the final ‘pushing’ stage was about 1 ~ 2 hours. Because Zoe’s head was quite big, the midwife had to do a small cut to ease the exit. Eventually baby Zoe was born at 10:09pm, weighing 3.7kg and about 50cm tall. We were overwhelmed with joy when she arrived. Zoe also opened her eyes, not long after she was born, and also enjoyed her first colostrum meal. Our midwife and nurse at the hospital complimented on Shanny’s “high pain threshold” and being very “well-behaved” (quiet) throughout the birth.

The breathing exercises were most vital for Shanny to become relaxed during the birth, and thanks to the hypnobirth classes we had the techniques/skills to remain calm, relaxed and focused. Our baby, too, is quiet and very well behaved most of the time. We are very thankful for what we have learned during the classes and we thank everyone who is involved for your support 🙂

Although the birthing experience did not 100% match our original birthing story (Oli wanted Zoe to come on his birthday in late December), but we really enjoyed the entire experience with highly skilled and friendly midwives and staff, and great facility at the hospital and Birthcare.