Poppy’s Birth

Both Dan and I enjoyed your course so much, it was so empowering and really disarmed many of the fears that are natural I think for your first birthing experience.

11075150_10155369283125722_1935237334_nHaving been through the experience now I can clearly see how these fears could have resulted in a completely different experience and taken us down a far less enjoyable road.

My OB was quite shocked at how effective my pushing ability was and how perfectly Poppy arrived into this world… And I came out completely undamaged also!! Woohooo!

I got up showered and was out of the hospital and over to Birthcare in no time. I have had the most relaxed gorgeous wee girl and I put a lot of her temperament down to how relaxed and easy she entered this world!

She arrived naturally and in her own time the night before her due date on our wedding anniversary – at the time of our first dance. This was exactly what I had asked for in my preparation.

Not 100% the time and day but had meditated on her being full term, the time and date was just a special little present she gave to us.

THANK YOU .. Your guidance was just so important.

Louise and Dan.